Up again!

 This is definitely different from what I normally talk about, but if anyone needs inspiration to get up and work, or to continue to work towards some goal. I have a video for you to watch. I normally don't talk about myself, due to the fact I really don't like having a spotlight on me, but this I know how this video affects some people and I just thought I'd share it.   Up Again- Dan Bremnes . This is a music video I participated in, and now I am using it to continue to raise disability awareness. Hope you all like it and are able to take something away! Have a blessed day!

Minority Scholarship

 This post wont be as long as the others, but I just wanted to bring this one thing to attention. People of minority, we have scholarships! Now some may not understand why it is important, don't worry I will elaborate. So long story short scholarships are important if you plan on going to college. Its free money that people will give you, if you apply and win. Here's a link to a site that has at least 4 different types ( Scholarship site )

Workouts for the group!

 Ok so a question I get the most is, How do I maintain my physique even though I'm 'disabled'? Well for me it is kind of simple, but it takes dedication and time. I play 9 different sports  ; basketball, track, javelin, shotput, discus, air rifling, ping pong, archery, and marathon races. So for me I just stay busy with the sports, and they keep me fit. Due to  quarantine I am actually going to have to work out. I am putting together a little schedule along with a challenge. Although the challenge hasn't taken off I still have faith in in. I will keep you all posted on what I come up with.  Have a good day as we keep on rolling!

Achilles International

 Greetings! Have you heard of the Grecian warrior Achilles the  hero of the Trojan War? Well there is a group who I believe has his valor. They are named after Achilles himself, literally. This organization's goal is to "transform the lives of people with disabilities through athletic program and social connection." They aren't far from constantly meeting their goal. There is always a zoom meeting, call, or skype that you can log on to if you aren't there able to physically be at one of their sites. As a member of this group also I can verify that they are an amazing group to be a part of. I gained confidence and a little muscle from running with them. If you want to check them out here is a link they have more info there. Site:

ABLE Youth

 Hi everyone! I wanted to touch on another group that supports my community. They have always been there for me, and have help mold me into the person I am today. I would like to introduce you all to ABLE Youth! A.B.L.E Youth is an organization whose primary focus is, "to help  create children who use wheelchairs who are not defined by their disabilities. ABLE Youth leads children ages 3-12 and young adults 13-22, to become independent, graduate from high school and continue their education in college or enter the workforce." The name is an acronym with 2 meanings! Athlete Building Life Experiences, and Adapt.Believe.Love.Enjoy. If you have a struggle that you think you cant overcome, and are looking for inspiration, look no farther  than here at ABLE! There is nothing that can stop our kids and so there is nothing that should stop you. For more information go ahead and click the link below. I will continue posting and we will  keep on rolling! See you next time ! Their site:

Move United

 Hi everyone! Did you know that Adaptive sports existed? What are Adaptive sports you may ask? Long story short, it is my community's equivalent to "normal" sports. It consists of : Wheelchair basketball, Goalball, Soccer, Track & field, etc. That's right. There's a whole new horizon waiting to be experienced. We finally have a home page! Its called Move United, their mission is to   provide national leadership and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop independence, confidence, and fitness through participation in community sports, competition, recreation, high performance sport and educational programs. For more information you can go to their website here:  MoveUnited


 Hey Everyone! It's Jay a.k.a Mr.HawtWheelz, and to today I will bringing attention to something that will help EVERYONE! There is a website,  that offers new scholarships daily. Yes, daily! Depending on which ones you fill out, and how many, you could get up to 45,000 dollars.  Take what you want from this small intake of information, and use it wise. Have a good day everyone!